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Nauru Facts Nauru Flag Nauru Map

Nauru Map
current time and date
currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Official languages
Life expectancy
Literacy rate
National anthem
Internet TLD & calling code:
Nauru profile
Nauru is one of the three great phosphate rock islands in the Pacific Ocean - the others are Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati and Makatea in French Polynesia;
only 53 km south of Equator
Nauru history
The exact origins of the Nauruans are unclear since their language does not resemble any other in the Pacific.

Germany annexed the island in 1888.

A German-British consortium began mining the island's phosphate deposits early in the 20th century.

Australian forces occupied Nauru in World War I; it subsequently became a League of Nations mandate.

After the Second World War - and a brutal occupation by Japan - Nauru became a UN trust territory.

It achieved independence in 1968 and joined the UN in 1999 as the world's smallest independent republic.
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Conventional long form: Republic of Nauru

Conventional short form: Nauru

Local long form: Republic of Nauru

Local short form: Nauru

Formerly known as: Pleasant Island
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Nauru's capital city is Yaren
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Nauru Constitution:

29 January 1968;
amended 17 May 1968
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Nauru population growth rate: 0.608%
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Nauru highest point: unnamed elevation along plateau rim 61 m
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Nauru lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m
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Nauru birth rate is 27 births/1,000 population
Nauru fun facts for kids
Nauru infant mortality rate is 9 deaths/1,000 live births
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Nauru fertility rate is 3 children born/woman
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Nauru climate:

tropical with a monsoonal pattern;
rainy season (November to February)
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Nauru ethnic groups:

Nauruan - 58%
other Pacific Islander - 26%
Chinese - 8%
European - 8%
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Nauru Exports:

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Nauru Imports:

building materials
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unicameral parliament (18 seats; members elected by popular vote to serve three-year terms)

Administrative Divisions:
14 districts.
1. Aiwo
2. Anabar
3. Anetan
4. Anibare
5. Baiti
6. Boe
7. Buada
8. Denigomodu
9. Ewa
10. Ijuw
11. Meneng
12. Nibok
13. Uaboe
14. Yaren
Political parties and leaders:
Democratic Party - Kennan ADEANG
Nauru First (Naoero Amo) Party
Nauru Party (informal)
note - loose multiparty system